Revamp Relaxation: Bathe with Bombistry

If you ask any local or snowbird, every one of them will tell you living in the south is a “different way of life” or how we operate at a “slower pace”. Listen to any Jimmy Buffett song and tell me “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” isn’t a recurring theme. These joyous, beachy melodies perfectly reflect the south’s emphasis on adequate rest and relaxation. Unshockingly, this relaxing trend is also translated in the world of beauty. Feeling good is looking good, and what better way to unwind than with your very own at-home spa day?
With the rise of Pinterest-perfect DIY projects and at-home treatments, gone are the days of waiting for an expensive salon appointment. Bath bombs, face masks, and sugar scrubs are luxurious products meant to encourage oh-so-important relaxation and emulate the detoxifying features of the traditional spa experience at a fraction of the cost. Luckily, for those of us who choose to unwind in the comfort of home sweet home, we have Bombistry.

What is Bombistry?

Bombistry is a locally owned and operated small-business founded in Semmes, Alabama late last year. This fledgling start-up company offers a wide array of homemade products from sugar scrubs to salt soaks, but bath bombs are the real star of the show.
So who is the mastermind behind our beloved bath bomb fix here in the Port City? Meet Tiffany Edwards, 22-year-old entrepreneur and full-time cardiorespiratory student at the University of South Alabama.
Tiffany Edwards - Founder of Bombistry
Top: Tiffany Edwards – Founder of Bombistry / Bottom: Behind the Scenes Bombistry Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot Bombistry

Born and raised in Semmes, Alabama, this home-grown beauty finds inspiration from her family and her community. After her little sister expressed interest in purchasing an allusive (and expensive) black bath bomb, Tiffany decided she would attempt to make it at home for her. Although she admits this first attempt was a disastrous failure, Tiffany enjoyed the process of creating new shapes, experimenting with bright colors, and playing with aromatic flavors and scents.
Her father, a lifelong small business owner, encouraged her to pursue the opportunity to turn passion into profit and helps with the behind-the-scenes of day-to-day business. Before they knew it, Bombistry was born!
As orders began flooding in from 36 different states, the Edwards family banded together to complete every order by hand from their Semmes home. Today, they continue to hand-mold, hand-paint, and package each unique product Bombistry has to offer.
Although Bombistry can be found from coast to coast, owner Tiffany is always sure to pay homage to her lifelong home in and around Mobile through subtle acknowledgements to local flares. This includes nods to intoxicatingly fresh cotton-field scents, signature mason jar shapes, and traditional southern colors such as haint blue.
Bombistry’s biggest sellers include 50+ shape, color, and scent combinations of bath bombs, sugar scrubs, salt soaks, custom orders, and adorable gift-sets, although she has no plans on stopping there.
Sunflower Bathbomb in Ivy
Sunflower Bath Bomb in Ivy
Mason Jar and Sunflower Giftset
Mason Jar and Sunflower Gift Set
Cupcake Birthday Cake Bath Bomb

“The beauty industry is always evolving, this is one of the things I love about it so much. I already have orders coming in for bubble bars and jelly-bath bombs I haven’t even released yet. My ultimate goal is to see a little bit of my home-town in every state across the country and even owning a dedicated store-front of my own someday.”

-Tiffany Edwards, Bombistry Founder & Owner

In an exclusive sneak-peek during our interview, Tiffany revealed two brand new releases to an amazing upcoming fall collection you will not want to miss.
"Blood Bath" Bath Bomb
Top: “Blood Bath” – Blood Orange Scented Fall Collection Bath Bomb, Bottom: “Frank” – Grape Bubble Gum Scented Fall Collection Bath Bomb
As an added bonus, all of Bombistry’s ingredients are FDA approved, allergen friendly, and completely chemical free.
Bombistry is actively involved in the local community participating in local festivals such as the Azalea Festival and Downtown Live in addition to regional flea markets. As a newcomer to the Mobile Fashion Week project, Tiffany is excited to unveil her newest lines packed with some explosive surprises crafted specifically for the show. Until then, Bombistry’s all-inclusive product line is available for ordering online on or at 6 local storefront locations including:
Ruby Blue (Semmes, AL)
Semmes Pharmacy (Semmes, AL)
Macie Mae’s (Mobile, AL)
Blue Eyed Boutique (Citronelle, AL)
Laci May’s (Mobile, AL)
Molly & Me (Mobile, AL)

PR Team: Kelly Frazier, Malcolm Johnson

Photo Credits: Kelly Frazier, Malcolm Johnson (“Behind the Scenes”)

Author: Kelly Frazier