Time To Pause

time to pause...

Time To Pause & Take A Breather!

Mobile Fashion Week 2018 was one of our most successful years, not only was it a sold-out show, but we had an amazing turn out of designers and retailers which had us asking the question “What’s Next?” which then had the answer it’s “Time To Pause” and here are the 5 questions and answers to why!

(1) Retail Is Changing, Is That Affecting The Show?

Yes, as we have been seeing over the past few years, retailers that have brick and mortar storefronts are having trouble keeping up with fast fashion brands and online retailers and supporting their bottom-line. By participating in Mobile Fashion Week and support the production cost of the show, which has increased over the past few years to $10,000+ it has also put an extra strain on the bottom-line of these brands, even with the increase in revenue in the month of September over the past 9 years. Over the next year, we will be working with boutiques and retailers to find a way for us to work together to be more profitable while still donating money to charity.

(2) Are We Rushing The Design Process?

Yes, designers want to create, that is what they do but with the changing market and the rise of fast fashion; designers are trying to catch up and sacrificing color stories, design trend research, and overall full concept development! We look for the best of the best to complete the MOBFW shows and we have been insensitive to the design process and only focusing on the progression of the show. Two years ago we launched the designer support program in which we support in website development, market research, social media branding, and PR marketing; this has supported the development of many designer’s brands into very successful ateliers and over the next few years we will be supporting in creating a culture of support with our designers and showing them not only how to build their brand but how to maintain it over the years!

(3) Are We Too Competitive?

Yes, now this isn’t an all-over bad thing but we have been a little bit competitive with our show production over the years. We have seen many shows in the region and along the Gulf Coast, some great and some not worth supporting again, but we not only want to top the great ones but learn from the ones that failed to meet expectations, we want to see them from not just a critical eye but as someone in the audience which help us create the grand shows you have come to enjoy for the past 9 years/8 seasons. Over the next year, we will continue to support regional and local fashion events and give honest feedback when asked to help create an overall supportive fashion community along the Gulf Coast so that all shows/events are set to the same level.

(4) Did We Lose Focus On Charity?

No, this is one thing we are proud that we have stuck to the mission! We have added and switched non-profits over the years but our main charity Camp Rap-A-Hope has always remained. The only thing that has been affected is the amount donated every year, with production cost on the raise we have never downgraded our show experience but over the next year we will be looking into different locations and lighting/sound techs and possible longer contracts to support lower production cost and we hope to donate even more money to charities in the future.

(5) Will There Be A Show In 2019?

No, we will not be having a show in 2019! We have decided to take this year to focus on personal projects (individually and as a board) and to research cost of shows, designer/retailer needs, and overall rehaul of Mobile Fashion Week so that in years to come we can offer more elevated shows while supporting even more charities and growing fashion along the Gulf Coast!

If you would like more information or support,

please reach out via email to richard@mobfashionweek.com