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Mermania has been working hard since September of 2015 to build the swimsuit brand of your dreams! Through our hard work and dedication we are proud to announce our very first store front! Mermania opens in Downtown Mobile, AL at the Urban Emporium on February 15, 2016!

The Urban Emporium defines themselves as a “retail incubator” meaning they are the stepping stone for a young entrepreneur to start off slowly and work their way up into having their first solo store front! The Urban Emporium is put on by the Downtown Alliance in Mobile, AL whose sole purpose is to help develop Downtown Mobile so that it can thrive to it’s full potential!

Mermania passionately supports the efforts of the Downtown Alliance and believes 100% that with the redevelopment of Downtown Mobile and the addition of excellent store fronts, restaurants, and entertainment in the downtown area it will bring the energy and people needed to help the area thrive. It is Mermania’s hope that with our continued passion and excitement to build a brand of mermaid fashionistas we will quickly expand into our own solo store front in Downtown Mobile, AL and begin to expand into other markets as well who are in need of mermaid fashion in their lives.

You can contact the Urban Emporium at the information below! Get excited for Mermania this February 15, 2016!

Urban Emporium
Address: 260 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602

Phone #: (251) 441-8044

Urban Emporium Mobile Alabama

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