Controlled Chaos

As I look at a 5-piece band that is wearing suede vests, red corduroy and what looked like a gun holster I could not help but be intrigued to find out more. The Underhill Family Orchestra is an Alabama band that creates an intense sound and alluring stories for the audience. They have a do-it-yourself attitude and a confidence that a lot of local bands lack. I had the opportunity to sit down with the band and ask them about their inspiration and creativity.

Part of what makes Underhill so unique is not only their style, but the individuality. They are a band that handles everything themselves. They write their own songs, book their own shows and do their own PR. Guitarist and singer Ben explains, “we know where we want to go {in life}, so that’s where we are going to take ourselves”. This helps them stay in control over their very detailed aesthetic.

The base of the band has been together since college. Ben, Steven and Joelle all attended University of Mobile. Steven had a few songs in his pocket and knew Joelle’s singing talent, approached Brian and the band was off for great success. Adding and losing a few members along the way, they have finally found the mixture that works with Roy and Ben.

They have a way of spotting each other and other Underhillians with war-paint. The war-paint is a statement and a connection for the band members and fans. While singer Joelle explains their look and style she clarifies, “this is us, it’s a whole package”.

If you are looking for a great performance and a lively environment that leaves you with paint on your face then attend an Underhill Family Orchestra Performance. They have a creative edge like no other band and a legitimacy of the real-deal kind of band. I have no doubt that they will go far and wide with their music and will experience great success.

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