Witches Ride DIY

Mobile Fashion Week

If you waited until the day before Mobile Witches Ride to pick a costume, fear not. There’s still time to assemble the absolute perfect award winning look. All of these ideas are simple, inexpensive and quick to DIY — which is our perfect combo. So don’t worry, we have you covered with SIX of the ghoulishly fabulous DIY looks for the Witches Ride.


  • If you decide to go as a deer for the Witches Ride, all you’ll need is a brown faux fur vest, an antler headband and a little face paint worn over a simple dark outfit. #adoreMobile Fashion Week


  • One of 2016’s hottest Halloween costumes is surprisingly simple — and you can even dress up your squad to match! All you need is a yellow shirt, denim cut offs, black suspenders…. you can add the accessories…. but people will get the idea!

Mobile Fashion Week


Just A Little Pop!

  • Pop art culture is all the rage and you can easily make you the hit of the night! All you need is cool costume makeup, and you can pretty much wear whatever you want and still look incredibly put together. Easy… Easy…

Mobile Fashion Week

Feeling Artsy?

  • Go highbrow with this costume totally ripped off the canvas by original artsy-pants Rene Magritte’s “Son of Man” painting. You’re sure to be everyone’s pick when it comes time to bob for applies. People still play that game right?

Mobile Fashion Week

A Little Risky w/Your Business!!

  • If the spirits are telling you to channel an ’80s fan favorite character and your wallet is telling you to find the world’s simplest costume. All you need is socks, a long shirt, and sunglasses — oh and of course, a statue to use as a “microphone” and you have our favorite 80s boy crush Tom Cruise! #yourewelcome

Mobile Fashion Week


  • It’s Raining Men! it’s a costume that’s MOBILE, AL. weather-proof & will make your friends totes LOL. Tape cutouts of your favorite guys (Zac, Ryan, Justin, David, etc.) to a clear umbrella, then wear rain boots and a trench coat to complete the look.

Mobile Fashion Week

Do you have a favorite DIY costume? Tag us on instagram with #witchesrideMOB and we will add it to this post and make sure you get your tickets to Mobiles Witches Ride 2017! We can’t wait to see you!