Junior Designer of the Year: Lacey Jade

Mobile Fashion Week

Lacey Jade Designs

“You can expect that when Lacey Jade Designs concludes this year’s Mobile Fashion Week, we will have left our hearts out on the runway.” -Lacey Jade

Lacey Jade – Junior Designer of the Year 2017

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Lacey Jade started modeling at the age of 13 through a Jo+Jax dancewear contest. She considers herself a fashionista and dabbles in a little bit of everything. Aside from creating her clothing line, Lacey Jade Designs, she’s a dancer, blogger, and videographer. Once she graduates from high school, she plans to go to a fashion-forward college in California where she can further her fashion design career.


Lacey discovered her love for fashion while on one of her many excursions to New York. She’s inspired by designers including Kanye West’s Yeezy, Karl Lagerfeld with Chanel, Virgil Ablaoh from Off White, and Rumi Neely’s Are You Am I. Her personal style changes with her mood, she explained, “If I’m feeling chill and swanky, I’m going with Yeezy. If I’m feeling business casual, I will go with Balmain or Chanel. If I’m feeling hippie, I’ll choose an earthy bohemian outfit.”

Let’s Talk Fashion

Lacey believes fashion inherently seeks to break away from the crowd and become a trendsetter- and that’s exactly what she plans to do. Her collection this year was inspired by staple pieces she found at a thrift store in New York City and will showcase a blue jean and camo mix.

Lacey Jade is honored to represent her hometown as Junior Designer of the Year at this year’s Mobile Fashion Week. She will showcase her newest line on Saturday, September 30th.

PR Team: Kelly Frazier, Malcolm Johnson, Kristina Quillen

Author: Kristina Quillen

Photo Credit: Lacey Jade