A Super Fly Secret

Mobile Fashion Week
In school, science class taught us the fundamentals of elements and how they interact and mix together to form masterfully crafted compounds. Translated to the complex integrated world of fashion, designers like Tony Davis are mad chemists. A marketing graduate of the University of South Alabama in Mobile, he used these building blocks to form his two distinguished brands: Fly Time and Secret Scientist in 2009.
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Tony Davis wearing his line Fly Time

Secret Scientist fights against the stereotypes of high school by glamorizing those who flew below the radar and found their own niches. In his high school years, Tony’s baseball team went to three state championships in four years, but didn’t fall into the stereotypical dense-jock role portrayed in the media.

Playing on these themes of breaking traditional societal expectations, Secret Scientist was created to represent those who are the silent heroes and scholars. The brand aims to pay homage to those who work tirelessly and put in the effort without taking the credit and shining in their own rights regardless of what society and tradition dictate.

This inspirational platform is a perfect example of how every designer brings a trademark mix of elements to his or her line, and Davis displays a rare and unique form of beauty in his. Tony’s mantra is, “’Stay true to who you are.’ I feel like sometimes people feel going against the grain or being outrageous makes you more fashionable than the next person. I like when people stay true to themselves and can still remain relevant in the industry.” Currently an employee at Zumiez, Tony hopes one day to have his design carried in the store.

PR Team: Kelly Frazier, Malcolm Johnson, Kristina Quillen

Co-Authors: Malcolm Johnson, Kelly Frazier

Photo Credit: Tony Davis