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Sometimes the littlest things can inspire you to do something bigger and better than all of your wildest dreams. Let’s all step back and take a moment to meet Justin Tullie: self-taught creative genius, trendsetter, innovative designer, and mastermind behind his brand, the Blynd i.

Get to Know Blynd i

“When I first got started back in 2009, I really spent a lot of time trying to come up with a name that really fit not just me and my personality, but my brand. Finally it just hit me. Blynd i’s meaning is all behind Matthew 5:29, reading: ‘If your right eye is the reason you sin, take it out and throw it away. It is better to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.’ It’s in the darkness where I find my light.”

-Justin Tullie

Who is Justin Tullie?

Justin Tullie - Designer
Justin Tullie – Designer, Founder of Blynd i

Born in Michigan, Justin Tullie spent much of his childhood in Florida and later found his way here to Mobile. He developed a taste-maker style early on, dabbling in the world of fashion at the ripe young age of 16 where he began designing t-shirts. Tullie learned to sew out of necessity by the time he turned 24 as his t-shirt brand–and outrageous production costs–began to grow. On his early days in the industry, he recalled, “I couldn’t afford to get t-shirts printed, and it was cheaper to buy 2 yards of fabric versus ordering 25 shirts.”

Inspired by Raf Simons and Riccardo Tisci, Blynd i’s products offer subtle nods to these influences all throughout the brand’s products. Tullie continually pulls from Simons’ thought-provoking, controversial, and borderline abnormal ideas to Tisci’s eclectic, seamless switch-up from designer to full-on swagger.

Blynd i Model on Runway
Blynd i Model in Cemetery
Blynd i Male Model on Runway

Tullie summarizes BLYND i’s newest collection in a single word: dopeness. More specifically, Tullie commented, “My newest line is very street-style meets designer; it’s not singularly focused on just the t-shirts, but rather the the entire look that brings it all together.”


Justin will be showcasing  a few of his latest trends at the LoDa ARTWALK in Downtown Mobile at the Mobile Arts Council. His edgy, dark style street-wear is equally breathtaking as it is boundary pushing just like your high school bad-boy crush and we here at Mobile Fashion Week can’t get enough of it. Be sure to grab your tickets for sale at the showcase to see Blynd i for yourself!

PR Team: Kelly Frazier, Malcolm Johnson

Photo Credits: Justin Tullie’s Team

Co-Authors: Kelly Frazier, Malcolm Johnson