The Man Behind the Runway: Richard McGill

Mobile Fashion Week

Can you believe it? That time of the year is finally here! Believe it or not, Mobile Fashion week is less than just one month away! Already set to feature some amazing boutiques and designers, this year’s show is sure to be packed with stylishly sweet surprises.

A Look Down This Year’s Runway

One of the most noteworthy changes to the 2017 show will be the absence of the vivacious man behind the scenes we have all come to know and love: co-founder of Mobile Fashion Week (MFW) and founder of Mobile Fashion Council (MFC), Richard McGill-Hamilton.

Founder Richard McGill II-Hamilton
Soul of The Show – Founder Richard McGill II-Hamilton

Since 2011, Richard has been the soul of the show, working tirelessly to bring the whir of culture and community home to the Azalea City through his unique flavor for fashion. This year’s event will be the first in seven years that he will be unable to run the show. On Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, he left on a 28-hour journey to Vietnam, where he will spend the next month opening the country’s first flagship H&M store location.  

“I am both excited and nervous to leave behind my amazing team at Mobile Fashion Week and am definitely heartbroken I will be missing the event I hold so dearly. Moreover, I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to share in the intricacies of an entirely new culture and cherish the support I have received locally.” -Richard McGill-Hamilton

Richard's Farewell
Mobile, Ala. – Richard’s Farewell at the Mobile Oyster Trail

So who are the bright new minds behind this year’s highly-anticipated runway event? Richard’s reigns have been turned over to Mobile Fashion Week’s team of skilled board members and hard-working volunteers.

“We at Mobile Fashion Week are fortunate to have so many wonderful, talented board members and volunteers who are ready and willing to express some fantastic ideas. They really bring a fresh perspective to this year’s show and I know they will knock it out of the park.”

Board Members MFW
Mobile Fashion Week Team of Board Members

Although we are left with some pretty big shoes to fill, we as the Board Members of Mobile Fashion Week want to wish him the best of luck and safe travels as he represents us and our beautiful city from half-way around the world. Richard, you will be missed! #WEAREONETEAM and we will be waiting to hear all about it when you return next month!

PR Team: Kelly Frazier, Malcolm Johnson

Photo Credits: Matt Gates Photo

Co-Authors: Kelly Frazier, Malcolm Johnson