South Sounds Music Festival 2017

South Sounds Music Festival

Thank You South Sounds Music Festival 2017 For An Amazing Weekend! See you in 2018!

Here are a few of the bands we fell in love with and how you can take them everywhere with you! #somobile #borntocelebrate #southsoundsmusicfestival #lagniappe #budlight

Here is what to order if you are in the mood for a “Glass War

#southsounds2017 #somobile #borntocelebrate#glasswarband // thanks Hayleys Bar for helping us out with this video!

The group that brought us their face paint-wearin’, arm-swingin’, foot-stompin’, aggressively catchy take on southern pop; is now giving us the drink that would represent their funky flair – The Underhill Family Orchestra. So, next time you are at Alchemy Tavern, Hayleys Bar, The Haberdasher, O’Daly’s Irish Pub, etc. make sure you order “The Underhill Family Orchestra” and prepare for a CRAZY night! Oh….. and GOOD LUCK!

“She Returns from War” shares with us what she would like to add to her “Long Beach” and we couldn’t agree MORE! ?