Creature Camp - South Sounds

Some bands are strategic and have a specific plan for their music and art. Creature Camp is not one of those bands. For Creature Camp everything seemed to fall in place and it works. They have a strange combination of people that creates a unique sound and a fun show. These guys are laid back and casual to the point where you can’t help but feel comfortable to simply hang out with them. I had a blast joking around and getting to know these guys a little better.

When going to their show during South Sounds we were in a dark room that seemed to only be lit by four small paper masks that were behind each band member. This caused me to be curious and intrigued to get to know the music and members better. When band member Cory Anchors described their music and look he said that it is “Animalistic kinda instincts, when I think animalistic I think kinda raw”. When I listened to Creature Camp’s music on the surface you would not think that it was raw, but then I really listened to the lyrics I found the rawness Anchors was talking about.

I asked them how they decided to wear what they do or design the stage the way they did. The response I got was that it depends on the day and what they are feelings. David Hildebrand explained saying, “We will wear animal masks, or paint onesies” or for when I met with them, simply what they were wearing earlier that day. As for the stage design, Chris Hemphill mentioned, “Let’s not forget when… we had that Friday the 13th show with Tvs playing different Friday the 13th movies…it depends on the show we try to make whatever…it just depends”. That’s exactly what to expect with Creature Camp, the unexpected.

Whether you are going to a Creature Camp show for the music, sense of humor or rawness, you are guaranteed a good time. You might get to see them in colored onesies or simply t-shirts and jeans. At the end of the day you know you getting people who live and breathe music. No one could say it better than David Hildebrand when he explains, “I have music going all day…honestly that’s where the biggest inspiration comes from…listening to other people”. When you go to a Creature Camp show you are listening to people who live music all day.